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TempoTrip is your premier travel booking solution for all of your travel needs. It's a modern and customizable travel platform designed to communicate, organize and streamline your meeting and events.

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Instant Group Hotel Rates

Instant Meeting Flight Discounts

Instant Car Rental Rate Savings

Immediately up to 2% - 10% discount for most travel suppliers.

Click, Click, Done!

Set up a meeting quickly with a customized ready to use booking engine. Self setup and onboarding within minutes, configured by you, for the way you do business.

Create and Customize

  •   Unlimited event sites
  •   Custom site branding
  •   Set dates and destination

Invite and Share

  •   Unlimited event sites
  •   Custom site branding
  •   Set dates and destination

Track and Manage

  •   Unlimited event sites
  •   Custom site branding
  •   Set dates and destination

Empower & Engage Attendees To Make Smart Travel Decisions

TempoTrip equips your attendees with a simple, understandable and secure way to book their travel.

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Designed to Handle the Most Complex Meetings & Events

Incorporate Travel Discounts

TempoTrip gives attendees the ability to book corporate or meeting airline discounts right within the search engine.

Multiple Payment Methods

Configure your sites for travelers to pay individually, or charge all travel to a single credit card.

Trip Reporting

On-demand arrival and departure reports and hotel roaming list. Add your custom reporting fields to be captured with trip details.

24/7 Support Services

Travel need to be changed, cancelled or unfortunately are delayed. TempoTrip provides 24/7 support through multiple communication channels.

Features List

  • Airlines and Discounts

    •  Airline reward program integration
    •  Airline corporate contract(s) integration
    •  Airline meeting contract(s) integration
    •  Access to southwest airlines
    •  Control carriers, class of service, travel dates, destination, and pricing.
  • Hotel Bookings

    •  Capture and Manage rooming list
    •  Instant Group Rates
    •  Control attendee spend and accommodations
    •  Incorporate negotiated hotel rates.
  • Car Management

    •  Incorporate Corporate car program(s)
    •  Control car suppliers, type and spend.
    •  Consolidate Car Rentals with car family feature
    •  Incorporate Direct Bill
  • Site & System Access

    •  Unlimited site creation
    •  Open to anyone
    •  Profiled travelers only access
    •  Invited guest access
  • Payment Methods

    •  Individual credit cards
    •  Central bill all flights to single credit card
  • Support / Reporting

    •  On-demand arrival and departure reports
    •  Live chat with travel agents
    •  Post booking phone & email reservation support
    •  Access to 100 travel reports
    •  Pre booking phone & email reservation support
  • Site Customizations

    •  Custom site branding
    •  Embeddable flight search widget
    •  Pre-populated arrival & departure dates
    •  Pre-populated closest airport to meeting
    •  Airline class of service controls
    •  Custom reporting fields
  • Traveler / Travel Arranger

    •  Trip management dashboard
    •  Traveler profile management
    •  Allow up to 8 people per itinerary
    •  BCC email copies of itineraries
    •  Flight approval process
    •  Guest booking access

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